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It’s time to take a fresh look at commercial translation services

 In a world where technology and innovation do business as never before, the rules and approaches of an old-school business will no longer be the basis of reality. Companies that are intelligent and proactive have begun to roll up their sleeves and adapt to the new rules of the game.

The common denominator that most companies will face here is language. It doesn’t matter if this is a simple product expansion or market diversification; A key component of the language must be taken into account.

If you still believe that language is not such an important factor, ask yourself:

  • Can you deliver product manuals in English to a market that speaks and understands another native language, such as German? German technology is widely used in industries around the world, does it make sense to translate from German to English?
  • Can your ads continue in a weird and weird environment for new segments?
  • Can your website be exposed to high return rates due to its absence in the target language?

Can your software remain tough and non-extensible because your code is not ready by nature to adapt to new languages?

  • Can your existing market communications be directly related to the new market, regardless of new cultural nuances?

You know for sure that language is not a barrier, but an amazing power that can be applied tactfully and carefully in marketing.

Now, if Germany turns out to be an existing or new market in this scheme of things, it should pay extra attention; for English and German, they have a long set of basic differences and structural distances.

To overcome this distance, you will need an expert to understand that German grammar, vocabulary, intonation and sentence construction are very different from English. Therefore, you should make sure that the message is not lost when translating German into English or vice versa using muama enence translator.

But, more importantly, given the complexity and specific nature of German words, you need to be very careful about a more important opportunity: the ability to give new meaning to a marketing or content message. this document. Or worse: the risk of changing the materiality of the message given due to technical problems of the German language.

Therefore, working with both languages ​​will require a lot of experience and rigor. Although, on the one hand, it would be important to consider the context and length of the various words that the German language represents in terms of content design, design and clarity; On the other hand, intelligence would also be needed to bring in the same fluency and lightness that the English expert is used to.

Experience in managing projects of a similar level of complexity and language spectrum will be an additional advantage.